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About the Maritime School in Bakar


Although from the far 1790 there had been some attempts to found

a private school, it was only on 5 September 1849 that the state Nautical

School started with its work in the building of the elementary school on

the Upper Town (next to the Castle) in Bakar. This was a two-year school,

and the prerequisite for entrance was two years of experience in sailing.

At the time of Bach’s absolutism, from 1854 until 1871, it lost its status as

the state school, but its work was financed by the city of Bakar until 1856.

The school continued with its operation on 1 December 1871. The official

language in vocational classes was Italian, while other subjects were

taught in the Croatian language.


In the school year 1876 – 1877, nautical department grew from two to

three classes (one preparatory and two nautical classes).


In 1885 the school moved into the newly-built comfortable and hygienic5

building on the coast (today’s hotel “Jadran”).

With the reorganization of the curriculum in 1894/1895, the school obtained

seven classes: two preparatory and five nautical classes.


In 1903 the school moved into the building it still occupies today.

The school obtained the status of the Academy in 1917, which resulted

in gradual termination of preparatory classes, turning the school into the

Royal Nautical Academy.


In 1929, the School of Engineering was founded within the Academy

with the intent to level the qualifications of the officers on deck with the

officers in the engine room.


The name Maritime Merchant Academy was given to the school in 1932.6

During World War II, in 1941, the Italians occupied the school building,

and many of its students went to fight for the Partisans.


After the liberation in 1947, according to the decision by the Ministry

of Maritime Affairs, maritime academies were renamed into maritime technicums.

The nautical department of the school in Bakar was moved to

Rijeka, while only the ship engineering department remained in Bakar

until 1954.


According to the decision by the Council for Education, Science and

Culture, nautical department was transferred back to Bakar on 2 August



The school got the name Maritime School in 1958.


The Maritime School Centre Bakar was founded on 18 December 1973,

consisting of the Maritime School, the Adult Education Department (Centre

for Professional Education of Seafarers since 1974), the Dormitory and the

Department of Shared Services.

The name Maritime School was restored on 5 April 1993.

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